TecWadi performs an end-to-end network audit to evaluate and optimize the performance of 2G/3G/4G network.  The audit process addresses technical evaluation as well as identification of KPI’s, BoQ’s, Quality of workmanship for equipment site installation i.e. BSS, Transmission,  RF Audit.

BSS Audit

  • BOQ Verification; Quality of Installation.
  • BTS Antenna and Feeder cable Installation.
  • BTS Visual Installation check.
  • Hardware and software alarms are checked.
  • Site layout/drawing.
  • The antenna height along with type, tilt etc.
  • RF coax cable connections, cable return loss.
  • Sector azimuth.
  • Testing of grounding field strength, percent service availability, base-to-mobile and mobile-to-base signal levels.

Transmission Audit

  • BOQ Verification; Quality of Installation.
  • Physical condition of tower and site.
  • Site coordinates.
  • Site ground level above mean sea level
  • Tower height, antenna heights on tower.
  • Pointing azimuth of each antenna.
  • Transmission line types and lengths.
  • Transmitter and receiver nomenclatures.
  • Number of standby transmitters and receivers.
  • Tuned frequencies of all operating equipment.
  • Transmitter power outputs and received input levels.


  • Perform Drive Test and Analysis.
  • Coverage of service area: Urban, suburban,  rural and inside building Intra and inter-cell handover.
  • Call success rate.
  • Rx Qual / Rx Lev.
  • Verifying that the RF implementation matches the RF design sheet.
  • Readjusting azimuth if needed.
  • Analysis of Block calls, Dropped calls, Handover failure.
  • Coverage gap analysis.
  • Overshooting cells.