Public Address

At TecWadi, we can design Public Address systems for airports, train stations, government complexes, military bases, municipalities, large manufacturing or processing plants or any other facility that is required to have emergency evacuation plans in place. The Public Address can be integrated with a complete security system and our specialists at TecWadi can advise you on every detail.

Multi Room Music System

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have music or audio playing in the background throughout your entire home? Even different songs in different rooms? Well, look no further! We here at TecWadi have just the service you need. We offer a whole-house music system that will let you enjoy your favorite music from any room (or multiple rooms) in your home.

Video Conference

Today’s business demands a fast paced, on-the-go environment. It’s often difficult to stay productive when frequent travel to meetings or conferences commands so much of your time. Your time is too valuable to lose hours on the road or in the air. TecWadi Video conferencing solutions increases your business’ mobility while reducing yours.