Door Access

For all organizations, it is essential that the right people have the right access to your premises. Whether your organization is small or large we can provide an access control solution for commercial businesses, public sector, educational organizations and much more.
Tecwadi access control solutions will control the three key aspects of access when people are on your premises.

Our software and hardware solutions will monitor the locations of all individuals within your buildings providing a full audit trail, you can control what people are given access to and you can ensure access is granted to the correct individual or group at the right time.

Time Attendance

Our Biometric Time Attendance Solutions create an inventive and contemporary ensemble of techniques and tools that can be utilized for every organizational needs and requirements. Configurations can vary depending on the exact necessities per workplace.

Customer Flow Management

We provide Customer Flow Management solutions that help manage the lines of customers arriving to pay bills, sign up for new services, or resolve technical issues. Even if your line of business is different, we can accommodate to your requirements.

Hotel Systems

We provide various safe, reliable and high efficient hotel intelligent door locks management systems for economic hotels and medium and top grade hotels. The locks can record all the locking information, which can be checked at any time. This improves the lock management and hotel management efficiency.

Walkthrough Metal Detector

Our experience in the industry enables us to also provide distinctive solutions for metal, explosives and narcotics detection. We supply high performance walk-through Metal Detectors from leading brands which exceed all International Security Standards.