Wireless Infrastructure – Turnkey Solutions

  • At TecWadi, we deliver wireless network infrastructure, consulting services, and tools in the areas of civil engineering, telecom towers design & implementation and telecom network professional services.
  • We believe that the secret of our success lies in the synergy we are able to supply by combining our core skills of in-house civil & construction engineering, partnership with tier-1 tower/steel manufacturing supplier, along with advanced telecom implementation services capability. This allows us to deliver a world-class turnkey solution.
  • Our project management programs are supported by a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering execution excellence and unparalleled quality to our customers with one Point of Account for all stages of a project controlled by a dedicated manager.
  • We provide our services wherever our customers demand, no matter where they are located.

Renewable & Energy Management Solutions

TecWadi provides Energy Management Solution to operators:

  • Off-Grid solar power systems for telecommunication sites.
  • We provide a range of standard installation options for telecom systems. The model is customized based on site requirement for both wireless and wireline access sites.
  • Some of our standard options include: Hybrid Power Systems (e.g., wind, generator, fuel cell), retractable pole mounting systems, fixed pole mounts, ground/roof mounts, H-fixture / platform mounts, system enclosures, and state of the art charge controllers.